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    Printing Text


      Im having a few problems printing a dynamic text box......there are a lot of posts on here about people having problems printing scolling text, however i cant seem to print what is on the stage, it is visible on the screen but when i click print everything prints except for the dynamic text box. My dynamic text box is within a movie clip but it's still not working.

      The text might not be appearing because i have rotated the _root timeline in order for the print to put on the page, however i didn't think this would affect the text as it is within a movie clip??!!

      Any ideas anyone where i am going wrong???!!

      Your help is greatly appreciated :D

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          I imagine it has to do with embedding your fonts.

          Select the text field that is not printing.
          Click on the "Characters" button in the "Properties" window.
          Click the "Specify Ranges" button.
          Select one or more options from the list of character types (hold down Ctrl key to select multiple options)
          - Usually your normal English text will print after being rotated by just selecting the first three lines
          Click "OK" to exit