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    DHTML Dropdown Hotspots/PDF Links Not Working

    spiraljoe Level 1
      I upgraded my Office on Friday to 2003 (I use XP as my OS) and was on Office 2002 prior but I didn't have the auto-generate PDF toolbar. I upgraded to create my PDFs and now when I create a hyperlink within my XPJ project in RoboHelp to that PDF, the PDF does not launch - I get the "Page cannot be found" error/blank page.

      Also, when I embed JPG as a pop-up image using the "DHTML - Create dropdown Hotspot", they are no longer working. This was not an issue previously. I have a compiled CHM file that still works fine which I created months ago and the PDF link works as do all of the pop-up images. I have hundreds of other CHMs with working links as well.

      Is there a known reason (ie a Patch or something for Office 2003) that has caused this. I am using RoboHelp v5 and it is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio v5 (Teams Foundation) Source Control.

      Thanks (if you can point me in the right direction - MS, Robo, Adobe, Network security, etc.????).