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    FLV question

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      I'm a beginner in Flash but trying something relatively simple I think
      but still not able to work it out.

      What I want to do is play FLV but then once it's done, want soemthing
      else to happen. Possibly, it may jump to another part of my file. Or
      maybe to a webpage URL. My page will have the swf linked to the FLV
      using Flash's inbuilt FLV template skins. I have just used the
      progressive download option when creating my FLV in Flash. So, how do I
      test if the FLV is done playing?

      Thanks in advance.

      PS - Since I am a very wet under the ears in Flash, if I have to insert
      code somewhere, please let me know how to go about that. Thanks again.
      Any help will be very mucch appreciated.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          check the flvplayback event summary for all the events that you can use. the complete event is the one you want and you need not test. it executes when your flv completes play.

          to display code, use the attach code option when you post a message or reply (avoiding the use of the quick reply if you need to display code).
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            Thanks kglad

            I looked up 'complete' and found an example in the help. I still could not fully
            understand it. I have seen an example for a button that had 'on (release)' and
            then had a getURL statement after. What would I use instead of 'release' to use
            to check while playing? I'd like to try see if I can issue a getURL based on
            completed FLV. As I said, I'm a beginner with Flash and also very new to

            If you could show me a demo script, it would be enormously appreciated.

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              Here is an exemple to 'complete' event for flv as Stated on macromedia(adobe) help file; i just added the getURL at the right place (because i think its what your lookin for):

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                Thanks for that. I just tried it out and it disn't work. In my libary, the
                FLVPlayback member that was created when I imported the video, was renamed to
                my_FLVPlybk. Is that the instance name referred to in the script? Or should I have
                done something else?