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    Enlarging an image within the print module custom package

    ryanc81380338 Level 1

      Is it possible to zoom in/ enlarge an image within its cell when in the print module > custom package. The default behaviour seems to have the images fit to cell. I would like to instead be able to zoom into this image so that the subject of the image fills the cell it is in and lose some of the empty space. around the edges.


      I have tried to do this but cannot seem to be able to zoom in. Do I need to create a virtual copy with the image the right size in the right aspect ratio for the cell or is there a way to zoom in beyond the fit to cell behaviour that is standard.


      I am trying to use this to play with different image layouts quickly so being able to zoom into an image within the print module to see how it works best would be a quick way to test lots of options without having to create a virtual copy for each size needed.


      Many thanks in advance