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    Applying presets causes filter settings to get corrupted if process version updated


      I have an ongoing problem with Lightroom 5.7 including earlier versions.  The problem occurs when editing photos which use previous process versions (ie, 2010).  My presets all have the Current Process version checked (as they should).  Whenever I apply any preset to a photo, the settings for existing filters get corrupted (reset to 0).  This includes my Graduated Filter settings, Adjustment Brush settings and Radial Filter settings.  Those filters and their masks remain on the photo but their parameters have all been set to zero.  I keep falling into this trap since it's natural to use my presets when making updates to photos.  Often I don't realize this occurred until it's too late. 


      As a work-around (inconvenient) I can first manually update to the current process by right-clicking the photo and saying Settings/Update to Current Process (2012).  Or by clicking the Lightening Bolt button in the upper right corner.  But this must be done prior to applying any presets and I typically for get as my database has tens of thousands of pics. Even a preset with just the Process Version set will cause the filter settings to be corrupted.  I'm not interested in applying a batch or Quick Develop process to all at once since I need to inspect each one as the process is updated.  It would be great if this could be fixed in a maintenance release since it keeps biting me.  I think it's important that this be fixed in LR 6.0 also.  No doubt it's messed up many user's photos without them realizing it.  Does anyone know a work-around so Presets can be used?


      System: Win7 pro 64 (current), 4.2 GHz i7, 12GB, Lightroom 5.7.