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    How can I start from scratch in setting up my LR library (as part of migrating from Aperture)


      Several months ago I downloaded a trial of Lightroom as I sought to find an alternative to Aperture.  At that time I didn't really pay attention to what I was doing when I was at the library setup stage. So, I currently have some pics in LR (imported from Aperture) and other LR-only pics.  Anyway, here's a couple of questions:


      [1] is there a way I can start from scratch in setting up Lightroom, so I can go through the formal Aperture=>LR migration? 


      [2] before doing the migration, I assume it is best to spend some housekeeping time with Aperture to clean things up as much as possible.


      [3] In my Aperture library, I have about half my photos on my computer drive and the other half referenced to an external drive.  In this sort of migration, how to I mange this?


      Thanks so much for your help.