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    Navigation of large Flashpaper files

    CF_WebHed Level 1

      We have developed a system for our client which uses Flashpaper as its main format to display large files to users. The average size of one of these files is near 200 pages. Originally these files are Adobe PDF, which we convert to Flashpaper,; the main problem we are having with the converted files is providing users with a way to navigate within the 200+ page files. The current navigation within the Flashpaper viewer isn’t suitable for documents with extensive page numbers. With over 200 pages users will not want to navigate without direct links.

      The ideal solution would be to utilise the bookmarks function within the PDF, which are then kept when the file is converted into Flashpaper, but so far our attempts at this have not worked.

      Can you tell me if there is going to be a new version of Flashpaper which keeps bookmarks generated in PDF, if so when do you think this will be released. If there isn’t a new version coming soon can you suggest way in which we can use the PDF bookmarks within Flashpaper or any other ways that we can create a way for users to navigate through such large Flashpaper files?