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    scripted animation

      Does anyone know if it's possible to dynamically attach movieclips from the
      library, to existing motion guides which are already on the stage, and let them tween?

      We also wanna give each animation an own speed, independend of the framerate of the

      (Our goal is to let busses drive on a map within flash. We will convert
      the bus-lines to motionguides. But the type of bus, and the duration of
      the animation well be calculated from a database.)

      I hope someone has a hint or solution...
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          mxc Level 1
          As far as I know thats not possible, so you will have to plot the x and y coordinates of the paths and tween between them with code.

          In order to have independent timing you will need to use the setInterval() function.

          If you are unsure of how to animate with code check out this book:

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            DazFaz Level 1

            Mmmm this is a tricky one. The first thing that strings to mind is to create a ghost movieclip holder that runs the entire length of the animation tween and then load a bus/attach a bus to that ghost movieClip.

            The next question is, is the bus being viewed in motion, real time? Meaning, can someone track where the bus actualy is on the map.