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    Director MX 2004 exporting help

      Hi all,

      I need to export a Director piece into a .mov file. How do I go about doing this? When I select 'Export' and select Quicktime Mov File it seems to be exporting, but the end result is a file that is unplayable. Any help you can give me?

      I am using a Mac if this helps.
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          On a number of occasions, I've exported Director content to be used in a video
          context. However, I never export using the video option from Director. Instead,
          I'd suggest you export your frames as an image sequence - so PICT sequence on
          Mac. Once you have the image sequence you can use any good video editing tool to
          encode it to video. If you need audio, I'd suggest you add it in the video
          editing program.

          Reason I suggest this approach is because you'd have better control of the
          playback speed, you get 100% quality which you could compress to your specific
          requirements. And it's generally more reliable.

          Video export is not one of Director's strengths.


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