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    Issue with placing digital signature in Adobe 9 Pro on Windows 8

    Application Support Group

      As a member of the Application Support Group for Pfizer I assist user with software related issues. At the moment I'm stuck with the following:


      A user has Adobe 9 Pro installed on his Windows 8 machine. Whenever he wants to sign a document with a reason, he get's the following error message:


      Creation of this signature could not be completed.

      Unknown error

      Support information: CDSHandler-619


      If he clicks OK and tries to sign again, it works and the document is signed. We have recreated the signature and deleted all old signatures from his system. The issue persists.


      The issue is ongoing since the user migrated from Windows XP to Windows 8. We tested the following:


      1. Creation of .pdf document by other user using Adobe 9 Pro or XI Pro

      2. Creation of .pdf document by user using Adobe 9 Pro


      In the latter, when a Word document is saved as a .pdf document, the signature is placed directly. In all other cases (.pdf from Word document in Adobe using Adobe 9 Pro or creation in Adobe 11) the error occurs and the second attempt is successful.


      I have an appointment set to delete Adobe 9 Pro for the users system and install XI Pro, but just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.


      What can be the issue and how can it be resolved? Many thanks for your feedback.