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    Problem authorizing Lightroom 5 on Facebook: Browser will not load


      First of all I apologize if this question has been asked on this forum before. I have tried to find a solution using Google but I haven't got anywhere.


      I bought the Student and Teacher version of Lightroom 5 yesterday and whilst waiting for my student status to be approved I started using Lightroom 5 as a trial on my Windows 7 computer. I tried to Authorize on Facebook by clicking 'set up' under facebook but a box came up saying:


      'You must authorize Lightroom to access your Facebook account. Click OK to login to Facebook.com then follow the prompts to return to Lightroom to complete the process. Before you proceed , please familiarize yourself with the Facebook Terms of Service'.


      When I click 'OK' nothing happens.


      Today my student status had been approved and so I typed in my new serial number and hoped that this would resolve the issue but exactly the same thing happens.


      Originally my default browser was set to Chrome. I have tried changing it to Internet Explorer but this makes no difference.


      Any help would be appreciated.