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    dataGrid and Object


      I have got a prob with printing a collection of object ina datagrid.
      I am sorry if this subject has already been opened..

      I have got a colletion of object ( a dictionary in fact)

      my object are like this :


      public class Person
      private var name:String;
      private var tel:String;
      private var email:String;

      public function Person(name:String, tel:String, email:String){
      this.name = name;
      this.tel = tel;
      this.email = email;

      and I want to put these object in the datagrid, but i dont manage to...

      I have tried to convert the collection in XML


      but it doesn't work when I want to pass it to the dataProvider...

      I have seen somethong called [Bindable] but I don't know how to use it....

      What is the easiest way to to this, I just want to copy the object collection to the dataGrid.

      Thank you very much