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    checkbox to populate email address script

    duuncanp85765912 Level 1

      I have a form and when bind the value to "on" and populate with an email address this is fine. However when I don't check the box my outlook does not recognise " " or null. I am basic with scripting can anyone please help?



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          jasotastic81 Level 3

          Not sure how you're sending the email request, but here's a script for a button that takes its subject from a text field and takes its To: address from a checkbox with an address for the on value and empty string for off value.


          var subject = TextField1.rawValue;
          var email = (Checkbox1.rawValue == null) ? "" : CheckBox1.rawValue;
            bUI: false,
            cTo: email,
            cSubmitAs: "pdf",
            cSubject: subject