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    Coldfusion 10 CFFTP Problems


      I am trying to simply open a connection output if it succeeded and close the connection. The page I have works fine in CF9 but in CF10 hitting the same server with the same credentials stalls the page out. It doesn't error out or timeout it just sits there forever loading the page and never finishes connecting.


      I have tried an sftp client other than coldfusion from the same server with the same credentials and it works fine. When I look at the SFTP logs it shows that coldfusion connected but it is not authenticating and completing the connection.


      Did something change with CFFTP in Coldfusion 10 that I missed? Any thoughts or suggestions to get this working?


      Here is what the page has on it.


      <cfftp action = "open"

      server = "server"


      username = "user"

      password = "pass"

      connection = "sftptest"

      secure = "yes">


      <cfoutput> Connection Open :#cfftp.succeeded# </cfoutput>


      <cfftp connection = "sftptest"

          action = "close"

          stopOnError = "yes">