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    Issue with layer stacking


      I am very new to AE! I got the 30 day trial so that I could create a car hit effect for a class project. I am following a tutorial. (How To Get Hit By Car - Adobe After Effects Visual Effects Tutorial - YouTube) The top layer is the car driving through, and the bottom layer is the girl walking and being "hit." In the tutorial the top layer's opacity was lowered so that the bottom layer was visible. This way you can line up the car to touch the girl as soon as she flinches. However, when I lower the opacity of the top layer the opacity does not change at all! It does not reveal the bottom layer in any way. I lined them up using my judgment, and then masked out the car in the top layer. I set the mask to Add as it is in the tutorial. Again, I played it back to see the car drive through the shot of the girl, but it just played the shot of the car driving.


      In Final Cut, the top layer is shown. When you lower the opacity of the top layer, the bottom layer becomes revealed. In After Effects, it only plays back the layer that I have selected, rather than which is on top. Please help me with this issue, as well as the opacity not changing! I'm under a lot of pressure and I have very little support, so this is my only solace! I'm working with the latest version (CC) on a Mac.


      Here is a picture of what I am seeing:


      Thanks, Tyler


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are looking at the Footage Panel not the Composition Panel. You can only preview a composition using the Composition Panel in the Active Camera view. If that doesn't solve your problem then with the Composition Panel selected select both layers in the timeline and press the U key twice to reveal all of the properties that have been changed on the layers and show us the keyframes.