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    TOC and Index tagging - has anyone managed to produce a properly tagged PDF from Indesign?


      I'm trying to make an accessible PDF of a book - exporting from the book panel, tagged interactive PDF.



      TOC links work as links (they are clickable) but fail accessibility checks: Tagged annotations failed. The problem is that the tag structure Indesign creates isn't correct. There is a missing Link–OBJR tag (which you would expect Indesign to insert!).

      Index page links fail for a similar reason. They also function as links, but they are just tagged as text - they are missing both the Link–OBJR tag and the 'Link' tags.

      Why can't the 'Primary Language' and 'Title' be set in Indesign before exporting? (a small point but still, why not - these things force manual correction in Acrobat to be essential).


      It simply looks at the moment like Adobe haven't finished the job - various problems occur and the guidelines given in Help files just seem to avoid the issue of accessibility.

      I'm not the only one posting about these issues, but I can't find a single reply from Adobe...

      A manual workaround is not an option with Indexes.



      My set-up:

      Indesign CC 2014.2

      Adobe Acrobat DC 2015.007.20033

      Windows 8.1