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    how to clear signature in acrobat pro dc

    pete@resco.ca Level 1

      I want to clear a signature on a DC document form that I created. I used to be able to do so by right-clicking the signature field and choose "Clear Signature" but that option is not available.

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          Charlene L. Adobe Employee

          Hello Pete,


          The "Clear Signature" option is available in Acrobat Pro DC as it was in Acrobat XI Pro.

          You can clear a signature if you are the signer, that is, if the digital ID with which you did the signing is available to Acrobat.


          I can think of two reasons that "Clear signature" might not be available:

          1. Your digital ID is not available to Acrobat Pro DC. That is, you have not yet imported it for use in Acrobat or don't have your smart card in the reader, etc.

          2. When you signed the PDF, you chose the option to "Lock Document After Signing".





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            oisinfrost Level 1

            I have just upgraded to DC Pro and have exactly the same issue. I could always just right-click & select 'clear signature' but now thsi is no longer an option - whereas on exactly th same form with Acrobat XI it works a treat.



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              Charlene L. Adobe Employee

              Hello Oisin,


              "Clear signature" is enabled on a signed signature field if the digital ID that was used to sign the document is available to Acrobat.

              That is, it is listed in the identities here:

              Edit > Preferences, Signatures category.

              Click the "more..." button next to "Identities & Trusted Certificates".

              Click the "Digital IDs" category.


              If the digital ID used for signing is stored in a file, then you will need to use the "Add ID" button on the "Identities and Trusted Certificates" to add the digital ID to the list.




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                keno54924237 Level 1



                That procedure does not "clear a digital signature"


                That procedure is for removing Certificates from the computer.


                The question is: I have a single copy of a form which someone has digitally signed. I need to clear the previous signature to use the form again.


                How do I "clear" the digital signature from the form object (in the previous Acrobat Pro we could right-click the signature and "clear" it)?


                Is Adobe telling use we have to rebuild/gen the form in order to blank forms? !!

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                  Charlene L. Adobe Employee

                  Hello keno54924237,


                  You are correct, the steps can be used to add/remove a certificate from use in Acrobat.

                  (It does not actually remove it from the computer).


                  For clearing a signature, the signing certificate must be available in that list.

                  That is, the certificate that was used for the signature must be on Acrobat's Digital IDs list.

                  If the certificate is not on Acrobat's list, then you cannot clear the signature (the current problem).


                  Therefore, I provided steps on how to add the certificate back into Acrobat's list of Digital IDs.

                  Once it is there, Clear Signature is available.




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                    allanm52396239 Level 1

                    The problem with these instructions, is that it has not been specified where Adobe DC stores the digital ID signatures. What is the default path that the file is stored in?


                    Rod Merrill

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                      nosratr19937930 Level 1

                      Thank you for the instructions on how to even access the Manage My Digital ID's section... However, how do we add? What am I looking for? I thought I was just going to add another jpeg as a signature but it's looking for some other kind of file with a code. I was VERY used to Acrobat XI... I didn't have to do any of these extra steps. And I'm not an IT, so you're going to have to walk me through it like I'm a four-year old.


                      Well, I feel like a child sometimes... When I click on the sign button, and I see the incorrect signature, I can click on the circle with the minus sign, to the right of the image. This prompts a new field to select the image you want to use... Seems like a much easier way than going and trying to change/understand configurations, digital id's, accessibility, etc...

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                        jarradv51255207 Level 1



                        I am having the same issue as the others. I have an old pdf that I have a digital signature attached on. When I look on my account on the Digital ID and trusted certificate, it shows my name. But when I open the pdf and right click on the digital ID signature space, it won't allow me to delete it? I am not sure if I am not completely understanding you correctly, but this doesn't seem to be user friendly at all and your directions are not apparently right.

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                          leanny96633979 Level 1

                          True True...instructions are not clear.  Im unable to clear my own signature on the PDF I'd like to reuse.

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                            troyh2070171 Level 1

                            I still do not see a solution to this question.  Did anyone find out how to clear the signature from a document I signed?  I JUST signed the document, so the digital certificate is there, but the "Clear Signature" option is NOT there.  HELP!  PLEASE!

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                              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              Save the file, close it, then re-open it and try again.

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                                sowmitris43867148 Level 1

                                I have the same issue here. I have some pdf form that was signed. I want to re-use the form and I cannot edit it because of the d--m signature. There is nobody at Adobe to tell us what to do. What a crappy product.

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                                  margueritek Level 3

                                  If YOU are the signer, you should be able to delete the digital signature, UNLESS you have locked the document. The (deleted) signature is still in the document, in an earlier version, but should show as deleted in the signature panel. (There is a special consideration if you are deleting the last signature on a document) You can't really just roll the document back to an earlier state, especially if you are the first signer (since there is no earlier state revision of the document).


                                  When a PDF is modified, the modifications are saved by appending the revision information (version) to the original document. There are no regular modification procedures that roll the document to an earlier state. An exception to this rule is when there are (some) digital signatures on the document. You can save a version that corresponds to a particular signed version, with all the subsequent signatures (and form fillout, etc) removed. That option is available from the signature panel.