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    Using mms.cfg file to enable Autoupdate for non-Admin users


      I need help in getting this to work.  So far it does not.

      Adobe Flash for windows

      Windows 7 Enterprise  - 5000 systems

      Users are not administrators on systems.

      The Non admin user gets prompted with a screen ( we do not want any prompts)

      Then the install fails because they are not an administrator.


      My mms.cfg file:





      How do I use this or any other method to have Adobe Flash update automaticly for all users including non-admins

      and give no prompts?


      What are the next steps.  Is there an enterprise support site or method to use for mass distributions for Flash?


      Please Get back to me today before 12:00 EDT 13 Apr 2015.

      Gary Pearson


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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi garyp81126656,


          The current mms.cfg file configuration will perform either a notification update or a background update. There are a few options to update non-admin users:

          1. Host the background update resources locally. 
            • When using the Adobe servers for background updates there is no way to disable notification updates.  By hosting the background update resources locally users will never be prompted to update.
          2. Disable updates and deploy Flash Player updates via SCUP, SMS, or Group Policy.


          You can find the various deployment options are listed in Chapter 3 of the Flash Player Administrator's Guide.  The Admin Guide also contains information to license Flash Player for distribution within your organization, which is a requirement for any of the deployment methods described in the Admin Guide.  Additional information is available at An outline of Flash Runtime installation options