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    Adobe Second Monitor Bug

    tallscot Level 1

      I have a 2013 Mac Pro with an Apple Thunderbolt Display as my main monitor and a Dell 4K monitor as my second monitor. I have created a workflow under the Window menu that puts the palettes where I want and the timeline is on the second, 4K monitor.


      None of the Adobe apps (CC 2014) on my Mac are capable of remembering where the palettes on that 4K monitor are supposed to go. When I launch the apps, the palettes are all over the place and I have to manually reset them. Selecting my saved workflow doesn't move them to where they are supposed to be.


      So this happens in Flash too.


      I've tried the solution I read about making sure the monitors in the Display preferences were arranged so that the bottom of both monitors is exactly in the same spot. No difference. I also made sure that the Spaces option was unchecked about separate spaces for second monitors.


      Just seems like a bug with the way all Adobe apps are behaving on 4K secondary monitors.

      Oh yeah, ever app I have has a menu bar on BOTH monitors, except Adobe's apps. Is that the way they are supposed to behave or is this related to the bug I'm describing?