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    Lenght of imported images is always 1 frame


      I'm learning how to use After Effects (CC2014 in this case) and as soon as I started I found this problem.

      In all the tutorials I've seen, when an imported file (in this case a .png) is put in the composition, its lenght is by default the same as the entire composition. But in my case it lasts 1 frame only.

      1. I've checked under preferences>import, and it is set to last the entire composition too!

      2. I can't manually drag the out point of the layer duration bar in the timeline to make it last whatever I want to, or choose when it ends/starts by dragging the entire bar around.

      3. It doesn't work under "right click>Time>Time Stretch" because it won't let the layer last longer than 3 seconds (Composition is 30 seconds long)

      In any case, I want to find a solution to all those 3 problems, since I can't accept that I'll have to make do with some "patch solution", like putting a keyframe at the end of the composition for each layer or something like that.

      Last info: I quickly tried importing an .ai file and this one worked just fine, lasting whatever long the composition was. But I know that .png should work that way too since I saw it in the tutorials, so I'm gong crazy over here.