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    "Send to Illustrator" does nothing

    kennethkawamoto2 Level 5

      I am using the latest Illustrator CC 2014 and Draw on Mac OS 10.9.5. Send to Illustrator does nothing although Draw says "Sent!".


      I can email to myself, but the attachment is JPEG. I can send the file to Creative Cloud, but the file is PNG. I need the vector file.


      I have no image layer or anything - it's a single layer file.


      Any ideas?



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          gec78 Level 2

          Sometimes restarting CC on your Mac seems to help, but often you just have to wait and eventually your file will appear 10 or 15 mins later... Or sometimes it just simply doesn't. Adobe really needs to look at this and be flexible rather than power on down the road. More and more posts on this forum are related to this feature not working or being inconvenient. It's unreliable, and it's mainly there as a marketing tool to make people go "Ooooo!" and break into applause at Max. It's just not fair that Adobe are locking our work away in this manner. If we can't get our work off of the iPad in a reliable, usable way, it can't play a serious role in our workflow, and it's yet another (albeit nice) drawing app that we can doodle with on the train.

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            kennethkawamoto2 Level 5

            Totally agree - Draw cannot play a role in my professional work-flow as is. This can be easily solved by offering file type options when exporting, i.e. an option to choose AI/EPS instead of JPEG/PNG when uploading to Adobe CC or emailing. Please, Adobe...



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              Jose Wong Adobe Employee

              Hi Kenneth,


              If you are having trouble with "Send to Illustrator" or "Send to Photoshop", please check the following:


              - You have the latest version of Adobe Draw 2.0.1 (we fixed an issue in this version that caused Illustrator CC to not open files that contain certain images), Photoshop CC, and Illustrator CC.

              - You have the Adobe Creative Cloud application running on your desktop and signed into the same Adobe ID account as Draw. Try quitting and relaunching that application if problems persist.

              - You are signed into the same Adobe ID account on both Draw and on your desktop apps, Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. Try signing out and signing back in on both the mobile device and desktop.


              Hope that helps,


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                gec78 Level 2

                Hi Kenneth


                With all due respect, I feel that you might be missing the point of our concerns. The problem is that Send To... is just not stable, and is not always the best option. What if I've left my iPad at home? Or the battery is flat and I have no charger? Currently the only way to get work from our mobile devices into Illustrator is the Send To feature. It has it's place, and when the circumstances are right, and it's not playing up, it's a really good feature. I would just like Adobe not to put all of our eggs in one basket and effectively lock our creative work away for the sake of a decision that has more to do with marketing a product than it does making the product usable. The files are created and exist, so surely from a technical point of view, it's perfectly viable to allow us to download the editable files from Creative Cloud. I fully understand that you are trying to protect your commercial interests, but as it stands, with no alternative export option, Draw and the other mobile CC apps cannot play a role in a real, professional workflow. Adobe are known for responding well to customers' needs, so please review this issue.



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                  kennethkawamoto2 Level 5

                  Hi Glen, I am not from Adobe - you got the name wrong? What I am suggesting is an option to upload the file to CC as vector.



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                    gec78 Level 2

                    Sorry Kenneth, I was replying to Jose Wong

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                      William Eisley Adobe Employee

                      Glen and Kenneth,


                      I'm the product manager for Draw and want to acknowledge that we hear you about the need for additional methods to get Draw content to Illustrator. As you point out, Send to Illustrator is a great feature but we're also currently designing other ways for you to get Draw content to your desktop. Thanks for all of the feedback on this front and we'll let you know as soon as we have another solution.


                      We would also like to make Send to Illustrator more reliable, so please share the problems that you're having with this workflow.


                      Thanks again for the feedback. The entire team appreciates it.




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                        gec78 Level 2

                        Hi Will

                        That's great news! Draw's a great product, and I really enjoying using it. It will only get better if it becomes more flexible.

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                          kennethkawamoto2 Level 5

                          Jose and Will,


                          I am using Draw 2.0.1 and AI 18.1.1. I don't have any image layer. Both on the same CC account. Relaunched apps. Relaunched the machine. Still nothing happens after the file is sent.


                          Looking forward to the vector output solution Will mentioned.





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                            Hi William, great that you are working on this but as it stands is there actually any way to get the vector file from Adobe Draw on the iPad into illustrator?  Just spent 4 hours on an illustration and now have no way to get it onto my mac other than as a PNG file.  I'm all up to date Creative Cloud, am signed in correctly on both devices. 

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                              Jose Wong Adobe Employee

                              HI Kenneth,


                              A couple of other suggestions:


                              1. Please make sure that your tablet device and desktop are in the same time zone and the difference in time is no bigger than 8 hours apart.

                              2. There is another thread we are following up that might be similar to your issue: https://forums.adobe.com/message/7461616. In this thread, the user is having a similar problem of not being able to Send to Desktop with one of his admin accts, but is not a problem with another admin acct. Can you check in System Preferences-> User & Groups, that the acct you are logged in has Admin privileges and no Parental Control enable ?


                              If the problem persist, would you be open to temporarily change your password and  let us have access to sign in into your acct? You can reply directly to josewong@adobe.com.




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                                kennethkawamoto2 Level 5

                                Hi Jose,


                                My Mac and iPad are in the same time zone, GMT ±0 (London). Mac OS and iOS automatically adjust that. Logged in with full admin rights with no parental controls (never been asked this before!).


                                I will send you an email direct.


                                Thanks for looking into this.



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                                  kennethkawamoto2 Level 5

                                  I have been discussing this with Jose for a few days now and something just occurred to me. I have several machines and one MacBook Pro I use solely for travelling has the same CC account installed. (You can install the same CC account in maximum of two machines.) I fired up, and updated the CC app (haven't touched this machine for a while). As soon as the CC is updated, suddenly without doing anything AI launched and opened a .draw file, which I sent to AI at work about 4 hours ago as a test. Now I can send files to this AI from Draw without delay.


                                  So, the question is, if there are two CC installations with the same account, would Draw send a file to just one of them?