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    reset timer

      hi folks,

      i have a problem with a timer, i cant seem to get it reset when a button is clicked. Any way of any of use knowing how to get it reset.

      my timer code is the following, it works:

      put 6-(the timer/60) into member("membername")
      if 6-(the timer/60) > 0 then
      go to the frame
      go to marker ("21")
      end if

      thanks in advance
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          You carnt rest the timers as it is a system generated number. but heres the work around.

          For example if you want a time that waits 30 seconds before jumping somewhere but will be reset on a mouse click.

          global mytimer

          on setmytimer me,

          mytimer = the timer + (30*60)


          on exitframe me (or anywhere else you want to put it)

          go to the frame

          if mytimer < the timer then
          go to frame 25 (or where ever)
          end if


          for your reset button.

          on mousedown me

          mytimer = the timer + (30 * 60)


          just remember to declare mytimer global in every diffrent script.

          Hope this helps