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    Scalable Background!!?

    Amitpal Dhiman
      HI All,
      I'm new to Flex application development. I'll be very thankful; if any one please let me know how can I make background of flex application scalable without loosing its quality.

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          Hugo_Core Level 1
          Hello Sonu

          That are many many solutions to do this, if i was you, i do the following:

          -CSS Style with per example:

          backgroundColor: #000000; */ if image isnt ready show this color
          backgroundImage: "assets/wallpaper.jpg"; */ the real thing..

          -The Style Tag of course:

          <mx:Style source="myCSS.css"/>

          -Make a jpg image with high resolution like 1024x860 or 1280x1024 (that is maybe to big) , if the browser have resolutions minor that the jpg you shouldn't have no problems.

          Hope i help.
          Core Regards..