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    I am having problems with indesign crashing constantly with Windows 8.1, am I alone?


      I'm not sure where to begin but it all started well but has gone downhill quite rapidly.  InDesign 6 constantly is encountering a problem and kicking me off.  I can't hardly do anything without it kicking me off.  Doesn't matter whether I am scrolling the document, replacing text, placing a picture, TRYING to export to a pdf, after I Save As, all of this prompts indesign to shut down and of course when I try to run it in windows 7 or any other that doesn't help.  When I reset the preferences that doesn't help.  The computer and software are maybe a month old.  Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening and/or a solution?  It worked well for maybe 2 weeks then started this problem.  Pretty irritated that Adobe relies on other people instead of themselves to troubleshoot their software and find the solutions.  Thanks in advance.