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    how do i maintain transparency of photos imported from Photoshop Elements?

    27sirena del mar

      i prepared some sepia photos i found in a digital library in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.  the subjects are in the center and i removed the space around them, making it transparent.  however, after importing them into Premiere Elements I've lost the transparency.  I've  tried keying with some of the options, Chroma Key, Non Red Key, etc., but no matter what i do i can't attain the effect i want, which is to show the background color i selected.


      i learned Premiere in the early days when only one video line maintained transparency.  i changed my pictures to two different video lines thinking this would make a difference, but that didn't do anything.  i'm stocked, can't finish my project because of this.


      i also accessed Premiere Elements help, but the explanation they give is like a long commercial that doesn't go anywhere.  it tells of all the options available but it doesn't explain how you apply the options to your problem. i already own the product, i know it's good, that's why i bought it.  don't have to keep reselling it.   Uff!


      any ideas?


      thank you.


      Rosateresa Castro-Vargas