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    What the hell is going on with CC interfaces?


      This is boggling. Having just bought a new MacBook Pro Retina and signing up for Adobe CC (after being a steady Adobe customer since before InDesign 1) I can't believe what a mess the interface handling is on Retina displays. The applications I use most often are InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator, and EVERY ONE of these programs displays different UI displays and problems. PSCC displays impossibly small UI menus, and the "experimental" option to boost the UI to 200% simply results in a UI that is now too big and blurry. The DWCC interface doesn't appear to have been updated for hi-res displays, as the entire UI is fuzzy. The InDesign interface offers a couple of options for adjusting the UI scale, but none of them produce a comfortable balance between comfortable viewing, plenty of workspace, and clear, crisp UI display. Illustrator is the ONLY one of these apps that seems to have gotten it right. The interface for Illustrator is compact but usable and leaves plenty of workspace, and the entire UI is crisp and clear.


      This is industry standard software, right? (Well, it's the only game in town now, so...) And Retina (or similar) displays are soon to be the standard for the design community. So, yeah, let's force people to pay endlessly (CC subscription) for products that are inconsistently developed causing the most headaches for those that use the applications at the highest level. And this is coming on TWO YEARS since CC was released.


      What a (bad) joke.