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    lightroom 5 auto import issues with nikon d90


      Hoping someone can help answer my question - I am wondering if Lightroom 5 has any issues with the auto import or tethering feature using a Nikon d90? I was using Lightroom 2 and the auto import feature has no issues with my d90. After I installed Lightroom 5 (Cloud App) and ran it for the first time, the first thing I used was the tethering feature and it worked great for 4 shots. I turned my camera off and then back on again and LR would not recognize my camera any longer for tethering. What's strange is that it will detect it for "Importing from Device" option. So, I went to plan two which was to auto import and that wasn't working at all. I am at a loss. I have a shoot coming up this weekend and need for one of these options to work. Any help is appreciated!!!