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    Deperate help with AS

      Basically I have lots of global variables assigned to my movieclip. When the movie loads, it plays fine, BUT still within this movie, when the movieclip plays again from the start, it just totally ignored all my if statements! So it goes all wrong!

      Why is this? Any help. Really desperate.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          how do you know it ignores an if-statement?
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            Newbie1234 Level 1
            You are right. I dont know if it ignores my if statements. i do have lots of if statements so there could be contradiction?

            Do u know any other ways to get around it?
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              1Slim1Jim1 Level 1
              Trace the variables would be the quickest. Sounds like a variable's value is changed in the course of the first run of the movie, thus changing how the if statements run the second timie around. Best way is to check the very first if statement and go from there. If it's ignoring ALL if statements the second time around, then the problem variable / condition lies in the first if statement, most likely.
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                first, what doesn't work? if you can't deduce the issue from the overall problem(s), then solve the problems one-by-one.

                now, knowing that your swf works, as intended, the first time it plays but not the second usually means you have objects and/or variables defined on subsequent (re)plays that were not defined initially. to resolve that issue, you need to reinitialize, at least, some of those objects and/or variables.