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    LR5: time offset during import of photos - why?


      I import my photos from the camera with storing in folders by date. Now I discovered that photos taken before midnight are stored in the folder for the next day.


      After some examination I found that the time shown when hovering over the photos in the import dialogue are always displayed with an offset of +2:00 to the real time (as set in the camera) when the photo was taken. So all photos taken after 22:00 are stored in the next day's folder.


      My conclusion is that LR obviously takes the time zone offset from UTC (in my case: CET Summer Time, which is UTC+2) during the import of photos. I remember to have seen this the first time on travel in New Zealand last year when importing photos to my PC which I had set to the local time zone while on travel, so this offset was 12 hours.


      When displaying the photos later in the Library or Develop module, the time is shown correctly, so obviously taken "as is" from EXIF/XMP.


      Is this a known problem? I could not find a place in the settings of LR to control this behaviour.