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    Indesign CS3 index in book skips most of a section. Help please


      Under a deadline,  I printed out the index to the 350 page book to  find that  although the preview shows 20+ numbers attached to an entry, the  index only  shows 1, sometimes not even a number that is in the preview.


      The book is made of  7 documents. Intro, sect 1, sect 2 etc.  If I generate an index for the book it seems like most of the missing  numbers are from  sect 1. If I generate an index for that document only - the numbers are fine.


      I've tried making a new book  with the same result -  as soon as I add another document, the index goes inane.
      As an example  below -  Jack Hoskins Bain -  in the generated index only shows p.3. James Alexander Bain only shows 24 - yet he is not indexed on p.24.


      Please, help. The fetal position is looking mighty nice about now....