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    Previous and Next Buttons


      Hi, I'm doing a really really basic Edge Animate interactive slide show with like 20 jpg's.


      Each slide has a label and a trigger with a sym.stop();


      I have two buttons: one with a sym.play(); the other one with a sym.playReverse();


      It's a pretty simple idea: you click on the "next" button and you go to the next slide and you click on the "previous" button to go  to the previous one. As f***ing simple as that.


      I assumed this was an easy task but I can't figure out what's going on.


      The thing runs ok while clicking on the "next" button. But as soon as I click on the "previous" button I go back two labels instead of one and then if I click on the "next" button it starts going up two labels. If I do it a few times some of them start working OK but then again we go up or down two labels.


      I've already published the work because I thought the issue was related to the "Preview in Browser". But it is simply not working.


      Any hints or ideas will be trully apreciated!