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    Adobe CC apps crash repeatedly when opening

    nathan jamesr49044695


      I've looked through a number of discussions and am not having much luck finding a solution that works. I'm attempting to install CC for teams with about a dozen apps on 3 desktops for some remote users. The apps install without issue but I face some issues when they try to open with their user accounts. At the moment the main offender is InDesign. Illustrator and Photoshop have been doing this as well. They crash the moment that they are opened and have progressed through the loading screen.


      Erroring module: MSVCR110.dll

      Code: c00000fd


      To chase down this bug I have:

      Ensured all filepaths are open to the users (none have admin rights)

      Added all adobe URL's to the proxy exclude list

      Made sure all supporting software (C++ etc) has been installed and updated

      Removed "automatically detect settings" from internet options and manually entered our proxy details.


      Still no joy, InDesign keeps crashing. Is there something that I've missed? Has anyone encountered and managed to beat this issue?


      It's a bit frustrating that in 2015 there's software that is this clumsy in regards to proxy settings...


      Thanks for any advice.

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          nathan jamesr49044695 Level 1

          Okay, shortly after posting this and hitting my head on a desk a few times I went and tried to sign in as an admin user. That user had logged into the CC console so InDesign was detecting a login from the admin user. I went back in as the crashing user and opened up creative cloud app from the system tray (sorry, forgot to mention this is a Windows 7 x64 machine). This wasn't logged in. So I logged in here and voila the other CC apps start working. I can now browse to the Help menu and select "sign in".


          I would ask Adobe, surely there is a more user-friendly way of asking for a user login than just belligerently crashing the program? This seems like a major bug to me. Yes it's easily fixable but I wasted a fair amount of time trying to research a vague exception code when it was just a simple matter of a user login...