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    Setting up network rendering in After Effects CC


      Hi there,


      I finally have some free time on my hand and I´d like to use it to optimize our workflow.

      We are a very small post-production shop and do a lot of projects parallel.

      So one Issue obviously is, when I need my workstation to work but also need to render comps in AE.

      We have a small farm setup for our 3DS Max renderings and now I´m trying to use it for after effects aswell.

      We have all our files on a server, which all render nodes can access.

      The only way so far I found to get things working:


      1. Install After effects on the render nodes.

      2. Place the "render only" text file.

      3. Copy all necessary plugins.

      4. Setup a watch folder.

      5. Open AE project to render on my workstation.

      6. Add comp to render queue, using "multi machine" settings, define output format and path.

      The next part is the one I don´t like...:

      7. Collect files using "Enable watchfolder render".

      8. Wait til After effects copies gigabytes and gigabytes of footage files from a folder on our server to ANOTHER folder on the SAME server...



      Why can´t I just leave the footage files sitting comfortably where they are accessible by all render nodes and instead have to collect them into another place?

      There MUST be a way to avoid this, even if googling didn´t get me any answers so far...right?


      And how can I automatically open the rendered sequence 8after its finished of course) in Adobe Media encoder and export it to the final movie format?

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          sometimes checking your submenus can be really helpful..

          For anyone wondering the same: in the "collect files" dialog there is a dropdown menu called "Collect source files". If you choose "None (Project Only)" it only saves the project to the watchfolder, so if all render nodes can access the source files on the server they will do exactly that and there is no need to copy huge amounts of render files anymore...