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    QTP 9.1 and Flex compatibility

      We are using QTP 9.1 and Flex plug-in for automating Flex application. I am trying to complile a sample application thro Flex Builder with necessary SWC files so that I can automate the application. But QTP is not recognising the components. Can you please help. Thanks in advance.

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          peterent Level 2
          I've had a hard time getting QTP to work with Flex, but it was because I was not following the instructions exactly as written.

          First, make sure you are using 2.0.1 - it won't work with anything else. Copy the automation-agent.swc and qtp.swc into the SDK frameworks' lib directory. Use the -include-libraries compiler directive. You should be OK after that.
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            Make sure u are compiling with all the swc files.

            I got it work after some time but now i'm having problems recording in QTP. It won't even recognize the objects saved in a repositry, it says "The selected object cannot be found in the application. Check that the application is open to the correct page...." and everything this is open and ready. I created a small flex project with a button and and a label. I record pushing the button then play back, it can't find the flex application (main) anymore.
            anyone knows why this happens? and how to solve it?