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    Sound issues - Captivate in Flash

      I've been working on a flash demonstration app for a client which simulates a user interacting with a website. I've captured all the interactivity using captivate in chunks and have built a container flash file to house the segments of demonstration. I have been having a few teething problems with Captivate and the way it deals with sound.

      The demonstration has a number of audio clips included in the captivate project. When i load the exported captivate swf into flash, it does not recognise the sound object and therefore no sound is played. When the swf is played on its own, sound is fine, its just when its loaded into the template movie. The problem here is that Captivate seems to generate the sound object in a strange way. It creates it using the following code;

      var soundHandler:AdobeCaptivate.rdSoundHandler = new AdobeCaptivate.rdSoundHandler();

      Is there a simple way I can get my template movie to play all sounds being played in the nested .swf? I have tried placing the audio clips in the library of the template file but this makes them play as soon as the .swf is played.

      A problem related to this is the way captivate deals with all it's audio clips. By default it "exports for Actionscript on the first frame". This means any pre-loader I build only initialises once flash has loaded all captivates audio and therefore the user has a blank screen until all audio has loaded (pre-loader kicks in around 40%).

      The only way i can see around this is to keep the actual content separate from the template movie as I have explained above but then i am faced with this sound issue!

      Anyone have any ideas?

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          We're having a similar problem; in our case, we're developing instructional content via Captivate that is quite long, generating swf files that get as large as 15-20MB.

          Our intended solution is to break one of these tutorials into chunks, and preload the chunks while playing a preload movie that explains the use of the Captivate skin controls.

          The problem is that, if we generate the swf's directly from Captivate, each preloaded chunk begins to play as soon as it finishes downloading (we've attempted using stop() and gotoAndStop(#) methods without success), so we thought we would export the Captivate to Flash, add an initial frame that contains an explicit stop(), and gotoAndPlay(2) when we're ready to play that particular chunk.

          But we run into a variation on the sound issue that Matt reports. The Captivate-generated sounds (mouse clicks, keyboard key clicks, etc) play, but our voice-over narration does NOT play.

          Matt, it's been a couple of months since your post; have you figured out how to deal with rdSoundHandler? Any tips you could provide to us?

          If anyone else understands the subtleties of Captivate-generated Flash, I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Otherwise, I'm going to have to try and convince a public K-12 school system to shell out enough money for Adobe Bronze Tech Support (no easy feat).