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    action script and javascript help

    razx Level 1
      hello everyone i have a little problem with my page u know the thing is a want to use a weather banner from the weather channel i downloaded the script that the site generates but the thing is i don´t know how to use it in my swf

      here´s the code:
      <script type="text/javascript">
      function weather1()

      // Locations can be edited manually by updating 'wx_locID' below. Please also update
      // the location name and link in the above div (wx_module) to reflect any changes made.
      var wx_locID = 'MXCL0014';

      // If you are editing locations manually and are adding multiple modules to one page, each
      // module must have a unique div id. Please append a unique # to the div above, as well
      // as the one referenced just below. If you use the builder to create individual modules
      // you will not need to edit these parameters.
      var wx_targetDiv = 'wx_module_2108';

      // Please do not change the configuration value [wx_config] manually - your module
      // will no longer function if you do. If at any time you wish to modify this
      // configuration please use the graphical configuration tool found at
      // https://registration.weather.com/ursa/wow/step2
      var wx_config='SZ=180x150*WX=FHW*LNK=SSNL*UNT=C*BGI=country*MAP=null|null*DN=sanpedrocoahuila .gob.mx*TIER=0*PID=1031970749*MD5=c305b2e67379345f11e69b1bb1d89652';

      document.write('<script src="'+document.location.protocol+'//wow.weather.com/weather/wow/module/'+wx_locID+'?conf ig='+wx_config+'&proto='+document.location.protocol+'&target='+wx_targetDiv+'"></script>') ;
      // -->

      well i just want to know if theres a way that u can call this function (weather1()) from flash to load the image from the weather server, if that is possible i hope you guys can help me or give me another solution. thank you!