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    2.01 Updater Error on Install

    MnWild Level 1
      Getting an error when trying to run the updater for Flex from 2 to 2.01. The file I downloaded is called flexbuilder2_201updater.exe and is 144MB for reference.

      On the Confirm Folder to Update step, it defauts to my flex 2 installation directory, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 2, which is where Flex is installed on my machine. When I click next, I get the following error:

      Please choose an existing Eclipse 3.1 (or greater) folder to be updated. This folder must contain the standard Eclipse folders named "plugins" and "features". The folder in fact does have these folders.

      Can anybody help?
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          Dave Hallman
          I get the same problem on the 2.0 version of Flex Builder (FLXB_2.0_Win_WWE.exe). One of our other developers had the same problem and had to reinstall Eclipse. Then she was able to install. I'm trying to find out how to get past this without a reinstall.

          Did you figure it out?
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            ur_dtrain Level 1
            I think both issues have to do with using the standalone vs. plugin installation/update. When in doubt, I'd start from a clean install. You can always re-create your projects in the new workspace in a matter of minutes by using the import from existing project feature.