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    Reduce PDF size by flattening InDesign file??

    designer7 Level 1

      i have a 68 page catalog design in InDesign. i export as PDF/X-1a:2001 for printing. it comes out as 96MB and the printers site wont accept it. so they are telling me to flatten the images and layers in the PDF. I thought that type of PDF already does flatten everything so im not sure what they are talking about. Another project i worked on the transparencys were not coming through right to the printer, they also asked me to flatten the transparencies. but that i did in photoshop before bringing it into InDesign. This catalog file im on now... there are a ton of images and it wont take forever to flatten every image and re-place in InDesign. is there a better option to reduce the PDF size but still keep high quality for print? Thank you.