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    Security permissions changing (allows creation of template pages, page extraction) after allowing filling of form fields OS X yosemite


      I have a PDF in which I want to allow only the following without a password: opening, printing, copying for accessibility, and filling of form fields (signing as well if that is part of this).


      When I allow the filling of form fields, the acrobat for some reason also allows page extraction, creation of template pages, which I don't want (allows altering of my document?).


      When I only allowed printing and no changes at all (no form filling), extraction and template creation were not allowed.


      How do I remove extraction/template creation and keep printing, filing of form fields, copy for accessibility (allows them to view the document?)?


      I'm using a macbook pro 2011 on Yosemite OS X with acrobat XI pro.


      Thank you