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    Working file/ export different black shades lightroom 5.6?


      I've browsed through the other threads relating to this but I can't seem to make heads or tails of it with regards to my specific situation!

      So I use lightroom 5.6 on my laptop, but plug in an external monitor via HDMI to use lightroom for better quality. Essentially, viewing an image on chrome, windows photo gallery etc all give very similar views, but when imported to lightroom the colours go blander and the blacks aren't as, well, black, but then when exporting, the blacks get much darker, so the image I see in lightroom is not the same as the exported file.



      What I'd like to know is:

      1) how can I see in lightroom what I will get if I export it, rather than having this difference in the blacks?

      2) would this issue exist if I'd shot in RAW rather than JPEG?

      3) will upgrading to a newer version of lightroom affect this?



      Thanks in advance