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    JavaScript for English to Spanish?

    Angus24 Level 1

      I have a document that consists of 10 forms. The first page is in English and contains fields that our workers complete. These fields consist of names, phone numbers, dates, etc. What is inputted on this first page then populates to corresponding fields in the rest of the document that happens to be in Spanish. These documents are for our Spanish speaking clients.


      My question is, on the first page the worker inputs the date as this 05/01/15. It is formatted to mm/dd/yy and the field name is AssessmentDate. One of the forms is a letter, in Spanish, that references the AssessmentDate field from the first page. I have named this new field SPAssessDate. I would like to have the date from the English field, AssessmentDate, formatted in the new field, SPAssessDate, as 01 de Mayo de 2015. Is this possible?


      Thank you, Jamie