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    Variable Plain Text QRcode with Multiple lines

    BBQ Ribs

      I am trying to create a variable "Plain Text" qrcode which has multiple lines
      When scanning the qrcode the 3 text lines all appear on 1 line and I am unable to get it to read on 3 separate lines


      My cell in excel is formatted as


      =A3&" "&B3&CHAR(13)&E3&CHAR(13)&C3

      I was hoping it returned a value of
      First Name Last Name

      Instead I get
      First Name Last NameCompanyID


      CHAR(13) is the Mac Character Set number for a Carriage Return, however doesn't seem to work
      I also replaced CHAR(13) with "/n" for the new line tag. That does not seem to work either.

      Is there another formula I should be entering?




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          InDesign Variables are esseantially just a single character and cannot break across lines or frames. If you need three lines you need three variables.

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            MW Design Level 5

            The note property can contain line breaks, likely some other properties of a QR code can as well. I haven't tried other than Notes. The new line field needs to begin with a backslash and a cap N, so \N.


            This as part of a sample QR Code:


            nNOTE:I am proficient\Nin Tiger-Crane Style,\Nand I am more than\Nproficient in the\Nexquisite art of\Nthe Samurai sword.


            It will format as:


            I am proficient

            in Tiger-Crane Style,

            and I am more than

            proficient in the

            exquisite art of

            the Samurai sword.


            This also depends on the scanner used. But here is the QR Code generated with that string in it.





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              BBQ Ribs Level 1

              Thanks for the replies.
              I do have 3 variable fields however I am still unable to compile them into a single field with a carriage return.

              Going by the way of notes is only achievable through the vcard format correct?, I'll fiddle around with that
              It may be that I will just have to substitute a CR with a tab

              If I find out any other solutions, I will report back


              Thanks again