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    accessing HTTPService xml attributes

      i have an HTTPService isntalled which gets an xml document, something like this
      <doc name="x" url="htttp://www.yyy.com" />
      <doc name="x" url="htttp://www.yyy.com" />
      <doc name="x" url="htttp://www.yyy.com" />
      i want to display each doc tag in a list component with attribute -->name<--, now as far as it goes i can only get the list
      to display: [object Object] and this is what my dataProvider for list components looks like:
      dataProvider="{service.lastResult.item.doc}" i have trid every single trick but i cannnot get the list to show the name attribute of each of those tags or even the url tag. what is the solution to this?
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          Have you tried something like:


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            cnizzle Level 1
            i just treid it now and no result.
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              ntsiii Level 3
              iquaaani's approach is what I would also suggest, especially resultFormat="e4x". However, I don't advise binding directly to lastResult because it is hard to debug. Instead, use a handler function called by the result event.

              In that handler, do something like:
              var xmlREsult:XML = XML(event.result);

              This will show you exactly what your result xml looks like, so you will know how to write the access expression.

              See this for more info on using XML:


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                cnizzle Level 1
                thank you, actually i used some knowledge of action script to solve this problem, i realized that you can access each node by e.g. source.lastResult.item.doc[0]['name'], since i cant put that in the provider i made a function which recieves the object, calculates the length and places them into an array and the as function returns that array in ({label:x, data:y}) format, what you would do in flash, so the dataProvider was "{getDoc(source.lastResult.item.doc)}" and since the result is an array, worked like a charm, no need for Thumbnails and that.