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    large multiline text with placeholders?


      I am tasked with creating a PDF that has a dropdown control named "Company_Name". The values in the dropdown are:


      Companmy Alpha Blah

      Comp Baaa

      Industrial CompanyXYZ

      Comp U

      Underneath this dropdown control there needs to be a textbox with several placeholders and the text has to wrap neatly so it can be printed correctly. For example here is the text wht the placeholders:


      {Company_Name}Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, {Company_Name}consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis ultricies tortor sit amet molestie congue. Vivamus faucibus, purus at varius placerat, augue eros condimentum enim, {Company_Name} eget feugiat.

      Is it possible to do this so the text will wrap nicely no matter how short or long the Company_Name value is?  Will Acrobat Pro do it, or will Adobe InDesign do it?

      Thanks for advice!