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    Error Message


      I have downloaded scores of books successfully from three different library systems in the area.  Today, when trying to download books from tow different libraries, I received the following:  "Unable to download. Error getting license.  License Server Communications Problem: E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12."  I am running Windows 7, and have no e-readers, etc attached to the PC.


      Does anyone know why this error message is suddenly appearing, and what I can do to fix the problem?




      Paul Lebras

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          shreya Adobe Employee

          For this problem, you need to deauthorize and authorize ADE again.

          Launch ADE


          Help -> Erase authorization.

          ADE will be deauhorized.


          Now again AUTHORIZE ADE

          Help-> authorize computer.


          Error will be fixed !!

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            paultexas Level 1



            Thanks for the info.  When I open the drop-down menu under "Help" on ADE, I do not get an option for "Erase authorization."  The options I get are:  "Authorize Computer,"  ""Adobe Digital Editions Help", and "About Adobe Digital Editions."  One menu item "Authorization Information" is grayed out.


            If I open the "Authorize Computer" command, I get a reply that states, "This computer is authorized without an ID.  Opening an Adobe DRM protected item...ever need to reinstall your OS.  To change this computer's authorization to be associated with an Adobe ID, click on the Continue button."


            Can you tell me how I should proceed?


            Paul Lebras

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              Nanaky Level 5

              You seems used a older version of Adobe Digital Edition: Start Adobe Digital Edition. Please press the key combination [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [D]. Accept the promt that remove authorization and authorize again.