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    Editable text box?


      So I am in school and taking a web business class. I am trying to make a website for a friend for class that sells used tires. I had a hard time making content for the site because the class went alot faster than the new business owner did starting his business. Finals are coming and he has finally started his business.

      Now that I can start putting real content (most of what is on the site now I just did to meet class requirements) he really wants a spot where he can add or subtract daily inventory. It is a small business so the list won't be huge. Is there any kind of text box or blog or something that the site owner can log into and edit? Without changing the content of the site?


      I used Edge Animate because he wanted a small animation, and it's responsive! I may change to Muse but I hate the non responsiveness of it.

      the site is here: www.innouttires.com sorry I know it isn't complete but I'll be working on it.