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    Inside/Outside Margins with single-page master?

    Boris Nikolaevich Level 1

      I'm having some frustration with master pages.


      I want to create a master page in a facing-pages document that can be applied to any page. This includes a paragraph aligned away from the spine and a slightly larger inside margin.


      If I create a single-page master for this, I only get options for Left/Right margins, and the margins are wrong for any left-hand page / verso.


      If I set the master to be two pages, I get the option to set Inside/Outside margins, but then I have to duplicate all the page elements on the right and left, doubling the effort every time I want to make an adjustment.


      Is there really no way to have a single-page master that understands it's part of a facing-pages document?

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          MW Design Level 5

          No. Won't work with a single, single-page master. You can create more than one single page master.


          Sounds like you do need double page masters, though.



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            Boris Nikolaevich Level 1

            When I use a double page master, that definitely solves the inside/outside margins problem.


            Is there anything I can do about the "duplicate objects" problem?


            Besides the fact that I have twice as much to maintain, here's why it matters to me:

            • I have a text box set to "align text away from spine"
            • I put that text box on both the left master page and the right master page, since I want the same thing on both pages
            • I apply that master page to a page that happens to be on the right side of a facing pages spread and I flow some text into it (which automatically overrides the master page element)
            • I later insert a page before the ones I'm working with, and so they all shift by one page—the one that was previously a right-hand page is now a left-hand page
            • The left-hand version of the master is applied, and so I end up with a duplicate copy of all the master page items!
            • This happens every time I insert or reorder pages, causing pages to change which side of the spread they are on


            If there's no current solution or I'm "doing it right"—cool, but I'll definitely file a feature request on it, because it doesn't really work for me.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You should carefully re-evaluate whether these objects belong on a master page if you are overriding them. Maybe using a paragraph style that is set to align away from spine is all you need to do.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                Simple solution: You shall not put text frames on the master except those for page numbers and running header. No content relevant frames should be foun on the master. Exception are pimary text frames, but they are only in book layouts useful.