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    FLV controls


      My end result in my current quest is to have an interactive PDF with flip page, and a video with controls on a page.  I am using InDesign to lay out the initial pages, and have added flip.  So far, it works fine.  My problem comes when I try to add the video.  I need to use a FLV file to add the video in InDesign CC.  I need to have play controls as well.  All discussions I have seen relate to older versions.  I have tried to use Flash Professional , which will import the FLV, and I can add a skin with controls.  I cannot, however export or save this file as an FLV, from Flash, just an FLA.  This will not work in InDesign.  I have tried a .mov with working controls and converted it to a FLV, but the controls do not remain.  My steps after placing a FLV video in InDesign, is to export as a swf, which is the only way to keep the page flip.  I then create an interactive PDF with Acrobat Pro DC, and the page flip works, the movie works one time, but I don't have controls.  I can only play the movie again by changing pages, and returning to the movie page.  Then it will play once more. I'm sure there is probably a simple solution, but I'm stumped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.