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    Importing a .psd flat or layered gives different colors in InDesign

    -Jaydude- Level 1

      I have an RGB .psd file, with sRGB profile. When it's Placed in InDesign, the colors look like expected.

      When in Photoshop the Background layer is double clicked (to make it a layer), and the file is saved without any changes,

      the colors in InDesign look dull (like if there's some kind of CMYK-simulation going on).

      This happens with all other images on the page where it is Placed.

      On other pages, the flat file still looks bright and RGB-ish, but as soon as a layered file is added, the colors change.


      As soon as I delete the layered image, the colors jump back to bright. It happens in Print, Web and Digital Publishing modes.


      I don't want all this! (I use InDesign to make an onscreen presentation, and I like the look of the RGB-images, which are Cinema 4D renders, but I need some layering as well)


      Any ideas on this?




      Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 08.58.37.pngScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 08.59.11.png