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    Cost of Robohelp 6 in UK

      Really glad to see a RoboHelp upgrade after using Flare for a year or so!

      The price in the US seems reasonable ($499 for upgrade), but on the Adobe UK web store the upgrade is £347, which is around $680 (plus our tax of 17.5% -> $799). I think I'll wait until I can buy it from a store in the US as a bit of a rip off by Adobe UK.

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          bawd Level 1
          The exchange rate reported at this moment is approx USD1.966 to GBP1.00.
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            harmonyinfo Level 1
            Yes, I think that means the upgrade in the UK should be just about £250 instead of £350. Unless it costs £100 to transfer the bytes across the internet to the UK for buying the download.
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              Gillian H

              I also was really pleased and relieved to hear that an upgrade was coming having hung on to RoboHelp through the last few years but the pricing difference between the US and the rest of the world is unbelievable! A real kick in the teeth!

              How can the difference be justified when we are downloading the upgrade? Does anyone know how these things are calculated for global selling? Can it be explained logically?

              I am UK based but work for a US company so I don't know where we stand with purchasing from the US. The original software for the UK writers was purchased in the UK though. We would be looking at 5 upgrades in the US and 2 in the UK! If we have to pay UK price for our 2 upgrades it will be over $1600 US (we could buy 3 upgrades in the US for that!!!!).

              That won't help our requests for upgrades succeed :-(